Red & White

Welcome to the digital home of The Red & White , the campus magazine of St. Dunstan's University (SDU) from 1909 - 1969. Digitization of this resource is made possible by the SDU Class of of 1954, and the generous support of the SDU Board of Governors, as well as many individual SDU alumni. This digital archive contains ~10,000 pages worth of content, making it one of the largest resources of its kind ever produced in Eastern Canada.

Issues are displayed in chronological order; to see the contents of any issue, just click its cover image (note that a few early issues are missing front covers, in which case the first available page was used). You will then be presented with a tabular display of all the articles/sections in that issue (for most issues, this will typically translate to 15 - 20 .pdf files); simply click the page image for the article/section you would like to see.

November 2008 Status Update:

  • Digitization of The Red & White is now complete. All issues for 1909 - 1969 are available below.
  • The storage, search, and display of these images use innovative, open-source technologies, and the Web pages you are using now are still very much works in progress; your comments as we work to improve the appearance and functionality of these pages are greatly appreciated.

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