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The Committee, Chairs & Members

Current L.M. Montgomery Institute Committee
Mark Leggott, Chair, Robertson Library
Dr. Richard Kurial, Dean of Arts
Dr. Anne Furlong, English
Dr. Doreley Coll, Modern Languages
Dr.Jean Mitchell, Anthropology
Simon Lloyd, Robertson Library
Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, Professor Emeritus
Duncan McIntosh, External 
Jane Ledwell, External
Dr. Benjamin Lefebvre, LMMI Scholar (2009-2010)

Past Chairs and Members of the LMMI
Dr. Francis W.P. Bolger
Professor Robert Campbell
Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, Founding Chair
Dr. Clare Fawcett
Dr. Irene Gammel
Deirdre Kessler
Anna MacDonald
Dr. Jane Magrath
Dr. Shannon Murray
Dr. Elizabeth Percival
Louise Polland
Dr. Philip Smith


AB members and the Heirs of L.M. Montgomery at the 2002 International Conference. L-R: Dr. Francis W.P. Bolger, Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, Ruth Macdonald, Kate Macdonald Butler,Vivian Macdonald, Mary McDonald-Rissanen. Back: Dr. Mary Rubio, Dr. Gabriella Åhmansson.


International Advisory Board

The L.M. Montgomery Institute International Advisory Board, established in 1998, brings together some of the pioneers of Montgomery studies as well as providing an international diversity that reflects Montgomery's popular and scholarly appeal in the world. Board members are consulted for advice on research questions as appropriate, have contributed to the Institute's CD-ROM, The Bend in the Road: An Invitation to the World and Work of L.M. Montgomery, have been invited to help vet proposals for past conferences, and have presented papers at Institute conferences, some of which have been published in Making Avonlea: L.M. Montgomery: L.M. Montgomery and Popular Culture (U of Toronto P, 2002. Ed. Irene Gammel) and L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture (U of Toronto P, 2000. Eds. Irene Gammel and Elizabeth Epperly).

Current International Advisory Board Members:
Dr. Gabriella Åhmansson (Sweden)
Dr. Francis W.P. Bolger (Prince Edward Island)
Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson (Canada)
Dr. Margaret Anne Doody (USA)
Dr. Elizabeth Epperly (Prince Edward Island)
Dr. Irene Gammel (Ontario)
Dr. Carole Gerson (British Columbia)
Dr. Rosemary Johnston (Australia)
Professor Yuko Katsura (Japan)
Ann-Marie MacDonald (Ontario)
Professor Mary McDonald-Rissanen (Finland)
Duncan McIntosh (Prince Edward Island)
Dr. Mary Rubio (Ontario)
Jane Urquhart (Ontario)
Dr. Elizabeth Waterston (Ontario)