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These links are suggested sites on Montgomery that might assist you in the classroom.

Virtual Museum of Canada Exhibit
Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers.
The Virtual Museum of Canada exhibit Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers, allows you to take a peek at the fascinating pages of Montgomery's own scrapbooks which are filled with photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and other items that she treasured. You can also view examples of the many different cover designs from around the world and even create a Victorian scrapbook page of your very own!

CBC Archives
Beyond Green Gables: The Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery
This site contains all the Montgomery history CBC has to offer. It has excellent radio and TV clips to download highlighting topics such as the life and death of L.M. Montgomery, all about Anne Shirley, Japanese Anne, and L.M. Montgomery Conferences. An excellent, interactive resource.

Avery Scholarship
The Scholarship is awarded annually to an Island High School Student on the basis of a written essay submitted in March. Please feel free to read more about the Avery Scholarship including the 2003 winning essay by Julie Fleming of Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown and others, here or contact your school's guidance office for more information. Topics for the 2005 Avery Scholarship will be announced in January 2005.

Digital Library
The L.M. Montgomery Institute has developed a digital library of secondary sources on Montgomery. This library is available as a research tool, for anyone studying Montgomery or those who would simply like to learn more. Many thanks go out to Heather Ludlow, who did the majority of the work on the project and allowed for the vast amounts of information it contains. The Institute would also like to thank web developers at Virtual Art in Blooming Point, PE for their hard work at getting this site up and running. Visit the library now!

L.M. Montgomery Institute for Youth
The L.M. Montgomery Institute is pleased to announce a new addition to our web-site meant especially for "the small fry" who are new to the world of Montgomery. This section has information, fun, and games for Youth under the age of 18. There are lists of books to read for different ages as well as puzzles, a quiz, and coming soon a special quiz on Anne of Green Gables! Visit For the Small Fry now!

L.M. Montgomery Festival
This year's Lucy Maud Montgomery Festival took place from August 13 to 15 in and around the Cavendish area of Prince Edward Island. The Festival featured three new events this year. First, an opening ceremonies with a spectacular preformance featuring Michael Pendergast, Leon Gallant, Neal Mattherw, dancer Brittany Banks, and the characters of Avonlea Village of Anne. There was also a Cordial Welcome and a Re-enactment of the begining of the trip that Montgomery and her Grandfather, Senator Donald Montgomery, took across Canada, featured at Kensington Railway Station, in Kensington PEI. Activities over the next three days included a writers workshop, an Ice Cream Social, and a Family Barn Dance in Honour of the late Dr. Kent Ellis, and finished with Afternoon Tea and Games followed by a L.M. Montgomery Memorial Service and Torchlight Walk. The Lucy Maud Montgomery Festival has been featured in Chatelaine and Canadian Living Magazines as one of the premier festivals on PEI.For more details visit their web site at www.lmmontgomeryfestival.com

View the Macdonald Collection
In April 2002, two of L.M. Montgomery's grandchildren, David Macdonald and his sister Catherine Macdonald, donated 18 books to the L.M. Montgomery Institute. The books belonged to their father, Chester Cameron Macdonald, who was Montgomery's eldest son. Most of the books are inscribed by Montgomery to her son "with mother's love" and have her signature with the distinct hand-drawn symbol of a cat. In addition to the inscriptions, the books also have other special features. Two of the books are leather-bound, gilt-edged pages, which probably means they were personal author editions, and some of the books are stamped "presentation copy" in raised letters. A copy of Further Chronicles of Avonlea has Montgomery's handwritten notes on the front endpapers and annotations throughout concerning a dispute she had with her publisher, L.C. Page and Company.

Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc
Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. was incorporated by the author's heirs David Macdonald, trustee, and Ruth Macdonald. David Macdonald is the son of Chester Macdonald, and Ruth Macdonald is the widow of Stuart Macdonald. Chester and Stuart were the sons of L.M. Montgomery and Ewan Macdonald. The company was set up with a view to protecting the integrity of L.M. Montgomery while promoting her literary legacy. Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. owns various trademarks related to the works of L.M. Montgomery (other than the Anne series), as well as the name "L.M. Montgomery". For more information visit click here.

The Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home
L.M. Montgomery loved her grandparents home and although no buildings remain, the homestead fields which surround it are there, as are the lanes she walked, the gardens she tended, and the old trees she sat under to dream and write.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace

Anne of Green Gables Museum, Park Corner
The Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush, Park Corner has a treasure around every corner. On this 110-acre property you will find a museum, an antique shop, a craft shop with the finest Anne of Green Gables products available, a tea room with a view of the Lake of Shining Waters, Matthew's Carriage Rides, a playground for the children, and some of the most beautiful scenery found on Prince Edward Island.

Parks Canada
Green Gables, part of Prince Edward Island National Park has become famous around the world as the inspiration for the setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic tale of fiction, Anne of Green Gables. In real life, this farm was the home of David Jr. and Margaret Macneill, who were cousins of Mongomery's grandfather. Shortly after her death in 1942, Lucy Maud Montgomery was recognized by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada as being a person of national historic significance, and a monument and plaque were erected at Green Gables in 1948.

Confederation Centre of the Arts
The Confederation Centre of the Arts offers many different resources on Montgomery including information on Montgomery, the Anne of Green Gables Musical, and the L.M. Montgomery virtual exhibition. Visit http://www.confederationcentre.com/main.asp