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title The Voyage of the Fanny
creator Stephen MacCallum
subject Island Magazine
subject Prince Edward Island Museum
description Every few decades an event occurs which fires the imagination and appeals to the adventurous in spirit. Such a phenomenon was was the 1849 discovery of gold in California. It inspired gold fever, an emotional excitement that made men leave farm and trade to venture over perilous routes into an unknown country. Fabulous wealth could reward the daring. Prince Edward Island newspapers were full of the news: "A piece of gold weighing 38 oz. and valued at $1400 was found near Stockton"; "Gold is found everywhere in amazing abundance"; "The stories we hear of California bring Sinbad, that Arabian Ulysses, freshly back to our memories. We are reminded of the loadstone island which drew all the nails out of the vessels that approached it. Only California has a yet stronger magnetism . . . ."
publisher Prince Edward Island Museum
date 1978
type Document
format application/pdf
identifier vre:islemag-batch2-54
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language en_US
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