Morell/ St. Peters

Bambrick Family

Name: George Bambrick

DOB: January 29, 1905

DOD: April 1983

Siblings: Francis, Earl, Joseph

Enlistment: November 1941 to 1945

Rank: Private


Name: Francis Bambrick

DOB: 1916

DOD: 1992

Enlisted: 1940

Rank: Sapper


Name: Earl James Bambrick

DOB: May. 11, 1922

DOD: June. 19, 1993

Enlisted: April. 15, 1943

Rank: Private

Discharged: June. 20, 1946


Name: Joseph Bambrick

DOB: 1924

World War II

            World War II

St. Peter's: They Chose To Serve

This is the part of the project that was completed for St. Peter's. This is a digital reproduction of the the book They Chose to Serve which was created and written by the St. Peter's Bay Memorial Historical Society in 1987. Shannon Byrne who was one of the research interns retyped and rescanned this into digital form with a web publisher. It was than converted into PDF form and is located in the digital collection page. To access this in PDF form just click on the link below.

Morell World War Two

            The interviews conducted for the veterans of World War II made up the bulk of our project. These interviews were conducted during the winter of 2011. In the community of Morell some of these veterans were interviewed for their experiences during their time in the service. For those that couldn't be interviewed due to location or due to them passing on family members were contacted.

John Rowell

Name: John Oliver Rowell

D.O.B: January 21, 1892

Parents: Thomas and Jane Rowell

Enlistment: September 2, 1914; Re-enistment September 10, 1940

Rank: Private

Interview Conducted: February 23, 2011 with Bobby Rowell


Morell World War One

            The interviews for those who served in World War I were a little more difficult to conduct. The main reason for this is that there are a very few World War I veterans still living. The interviews for these veterans were conducted with children of the veteran, grandchildren of the veteran, nieces and nephews as well as grand nieces and grand-nephews of the veteran. Though World War I was fought for empires, it doesn't change the sense of community and nationality that each individual had.

Phelan Family

Name: Harold Richard Phelan

D.O.B: February 3, 1919

Location: Sinnott’s Road (now Green Meadows) P.E.I

Parents: Ambrose and Melvina (Stewart) Phelan.

Service Number F3891

Interview Conducted- March. 09, 2011 with Paulette Kelly (daughter)   

Louis O'Brien

Name: Louis O'Brien

D.O.B: April 9, 1925

Enlistment: 1941

Rank: Private

Interview Conducted: February 22, 2011 with Junior and Rosella O'Brien

Ernie Jay

Name: Ernie Jay

Date of Birth: April.14, 1924

Parents Name’s: John and Jessie (Birt) Jay

Enlisted: 1943

Rank: Seaman

Interview Conducted: March 1, 2011 with Percy Jay


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