Grand Tracadie

Life in Tracadie, 1943-1950


Life in Tracadie, 1943 – 1950


In 1942 Sisters went to teach in Tracadie.  Their first home was called the King House, after a former owner of the home.  This was an inconvenient old house, situated about a mile from the school and the sisters did not have a car, so the next year other arrangements had to be made.  Also two different teaching-sisters were sent to Tracadie, namely Sister Margaret Devereux and Sister Carmelita Soloman.

Glenaladale News clippings


46° 21' 21.996" N, 62° 58' 37.128" W


The Weekly Examiner and Island Argus. November 21,1884.


Splendid New Farm Buildings.

          On the eastern shore of Bedford Day is picturesquely situated the residence of John Archibald Macdonald Esq. It bears the name "Glenaladale" in honor of Captain John Macdonald, the Laird, or proprietor of an estate which yet bears the same name in Scotland.

Sir William C MacDonald


Sir William C. Macdonald


Glenaladale House


Glenaladale Farm


The Sisters who served in Tracadie

Sisters of St. Matha who worked at Tracadie Cross


Donaldston Church

Donaldston Church


Built in the late 1800's, the Donaldston Church stood next to the cemetery on the Donaldston Rd.  The first burial in the cemetery was a gentleman by the name of Vincent Bell, February 19, 1878.  Though it was originally a Methodist Church, in 1925 it bacame a member of The United Church of Canada.  In the 1970's the old church was dismantled and moved off the property.  



Convents of Tracadie Cross and Grand Tracadie


Regina House

School Sources

School Sources


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