Front-Right Side of Evaporator

This is one of the last stages to making the syrup. You can see that there are four compartments to this part of the evaporator. On the outside, in the middle you may notice that there is a part of pipe in the shape of a U. This is where the back two compartments drain into the front two. The sap is boiled in each compartment; it is then drained out of the front compartment once the syrup is thick enough.

Another Sap Control Tank

This is another side control tank, the same as the one two pages previous. This controls the amount of sap that is coming in on this side of the evaporator tank. Each side of the tank is at different temperatures at times. So once the sap is down to an unacceptable level on either side, the control tank that is on that side will let more sap into the evaporator.

Back of the Evaporator

This is the back of the evaporator. Right under where you see the steam rising, is the big tank that is used to store the sap when it comes in from the holding tank outside. In the middle of the tank there is a bunch of square rods that run along the bottom from front to back of this part of the tank. The fire heats these rods, and makes the sap boil, and the steam is the water that is evaporating off the sap.

The sap gauge

This is the gauge that shows how much sap is going into the tank. This gauge is attached to the tank outside, once the sap in this gauge drops to a certain point, then more sap is let into the tank. This gauge is supposed to be always at least 1.5 or a little higher / lower on the gauge. If the sap is lower than 1.5, then it can cause the sap in the tank to boil too much and cause the sugar and other ingredients in the sap to burn. This is what is never to happen.

Sap tank outside evaporator building

This is the tank that holds the sap outside of the building where the Evaporator is located. This tank gravity feeds the sap into the building via the hose that you see on the right. The hose has a valve that can be shut off if there is too much sap going into the evaporator.

Sap Collected into 5 gallon bucket

This is a picture of the sap in the bucket. This is after the smaller buckets were dumped into this 5 gallon bucket. As you can see the sap looks just like water. The thing is that there is a lot of sugar and other ingredients that are in the sap naturally.

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