Marina Myers

Marina Myers (Shaw) grew up in Lorne Valley to the parents of Daniel and Maie Shaw. Her homestead has belonged to many generations of Shaw’s including the original owner Samuel MacDonald, which has since then been passed down through the generations. Marina’s brother, Raymond Shaw, is the current inhabitant who lives with his wife Muriel. Together, they run a successful business, Shaw’s Meats, from the property.

Sylvena Murphy and Margaret Quinn

Sylvena Murphy and Margaret Quinn "Best friends for 40 years"


Norma MacLeod "Homemade Recreation"

Norma MacLeod can remember fondly the days growing up in Lorne Valley as a child and having limited resources in buying forms of recreation items. Her younger brother Roy mostly known as “Buddy” MacLeod would make the family homemade skis and sleighs. There was a large hill in Lorne Valley on the home property for them all to take full advantage of. Buddy would take long wooden old boards cut out the shape of the skis and place them over water boiling on a stove known as a “boiler”.

James MacKenzie

James Mackenzie (also known as Big Jim Mackenzie) was well-known in the community of Lorne Valley. In the old days of the party lines, Big Jim was well known for eavesdropping on conversations; however, Big Jim had Asthma and wasn't exactly quiet - he could often be heard breathing heavy on the line. Other times, if he didn’t agree with what was being said, he would pipe up and voice his opinion, starting an argument. He was also a well known local bootlegger, and had a sliding hatch on his barn door so that he could stick his head out and see who was there.

Christina MacGillivray (Smith) Midwife 7 Mile Road

Christina was born on Jan 31, 1890 to Daniel Smith and Mary (Wardman), she married Angus Joseph MacGillivray of Seven Mile Road and had 11 children with him. Her daughter Mary recalls that her grandmother would have been involved in Midwifery and that is how her mother got her start at it by watching and learning.

Ronnie MacDonald "story of ice sailboats"

Ronnie can remember the use of ice sail boats as a child growing up and around the Cardigan River. They would be made out of wood in the shape of a cross. The children would then take the skate blades out of old skates and place a blade on the front and back. The stick on the back was used for steering. There would be a small pole that you would put a flag on. He explained how you would go 50 – 60 miles an hour on clear ice. It would be a scary ride if you “flipped over at that speed you could scrape yourself up real bad” he commented.

James Allan MacDonald

James was the son of John and Amanda MacDonald of Cardigan. He was known for farming and his profound sixty-two years of being a rural mail deliverer. He had the longest career known in mail delivery by one person in Canada. James started out his career at the age of twenty-two years old on April 1st, 1923 and had retired on September 30th, 1985. James used several different methods of transportation over the years of service including horse and buggy, horse and sleigh and later years by car.

Margaret Lamont

Margaret "Peggy" Rattray was born on the Strathbogie Road at her grandparent’s house on December 17th, 1932 to the parents of Raymond and Florence Rattray. Margaret stayed at her grandparents with her parents as an infant for three weeks before moving back to St. Peter's with her parents. Her parents moved to Roesneath from St. Peter's for many years until Margaret was at the age of eleven and then they moved to Massachusetts.

Patricia "Pat" Doucette

Pat was born in Poplar Point on August 17, 1922 to John Joseph Campbell (Jo Jim) and Emma Catherine (Macleod). Pat grew up in Poplar Point and walked to Cumberland School. She lost her mother at an early age when she was about three years old. She went away to teacher's college at Prince of Wales, which is where Holland College is now.

The story of True Love

Joseph “Joe ”Gillis always thought that Ella MacSwain was the apple of his eye since they were very young. The two had dated for many years and thought marriage was the next step for their love for each other. They discussed marriage and knew that their grandparents would not approve due to their religion. Joe upset decided to join the army even though he was barely of age for the requirement. He joined and served until he came home on leave where he met up with Ella and thought that they should finally take the step towards marriage.

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