Decoursey, Earl and Emmett

Earl learned to play the guitar at the age of fifteen. He learned chords from an old chord book he found around home. He is unsure as to exactly what sparked the interest, but he can remember having a joy for guitar. He bought his first guitar second-hand and still has it stored away to this present day. Earl would travel to many different gatherings throughout the week and play the guitar at such events as house parties, weddings, and the dances at different schools in the community.

Curley, Brian Richard

Brian Curley was born on December 18, 1942 to parents Richard and Frances Curley of Charlottetown. Brian started playing the guitar as a child by listening to the radio and picking up tunes by what he explains as “trial and error” in order to learn. He later picked up on the mouth organ. When he was ten years old he entered in a talent contest.


This category contains many different types of entertainers. The entertainers are people such as singers, guitar players, piano players, and many more. Each person/entertainer may be included in many of the stories. The entertainers in the Cardigan area knew pretty much every other entertainer in the area. They played at different house parties and Ceilidhs all around P.E.I, especially around Cardigan and the surrounding communities.

Cardigan Test

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The Cardigan Island Narratives project is an initiative of the Prince Edward Island Community Access Program. From December 2010 – March, 2011 the project employed four Island youth to research and digitize the history of the Cardigan area. The researchers conducted interviews with community members, and from these interviews stories were written about the area and its people.

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