NewPort Ferry

Newport Ferry

Courtesy of the Sigsworth family of Newport the following information has been noted from
the account books and logs of William J. Sigsworth, Newport, P.E.I. According to these books Capt. William Sigsworth served on the S.S. St. George from 1918 until it was replaced by the S.S. Newport in 1928 and continued as Master on the Newport until 1948.

Lewis' Granite and Marble Works, Ltd.


On the Left: William P. Lewis Courtesy Kent MacDonald.
On the right: William A. Lewis in his workshop on water Street in Cardigan.

John A. Macdonald & Co.

John A. Macdonald operated a general store on these premises on Wharf Road in Cardigan where James F. Norton was doing business in the early 1900s. He carried on this business of a general store where merchandise of every description was offered to the customers. Of course, much of the business was done on credit which was very risky but that’s the way is was done. These stores around the country carried a lot of people through rough winters and bad crop years.

FitzPatrick's Saw Mill

FitzPatrick's Mill in 1972           Woodville Mills        Courtesy; George FitzPatrick


Farnham Roofing

Philip and Mary Lynn Farnham were married on May 1st, 1976 in Waterloo Ontario. Their honeymoon was a one way trip to Prince Edward Island. Philip had been on the Island on an internship the year before and decided to move to the Montague area.

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