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Island Montessori Academy

Cornwall’s newest school, the Island Montessori Academy was opened in September 2010.  Owned and operated by Cornwall residents Lori Ann and Scott McEwen, Montessori Academy first opened in Charlottetown in 2001.  A second school was opened in Stratford in 2007 with a third school opening in Cornwall three years later.


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Jack Ellsworth & Noah Whidby

At one point or another in the lives of most people, they are asked the question, “If you could bring back someone from the dead and meet him/her, who would it be?”  After a year of researching the history of Cornwall, these two men would be at the top of my list.  They seemed to have had quite the reputations to say the least.  Very little is known about their lives, perhaps this is why they are so intriguing to me.  We’ll start with Noah Whidby.

Dr. A.J. Murchison

Dr. Alexander John Murchison M.D., C.M., L.R.C.P.S., L.F.P.S.

Adam McQuaid

Adam McQuaid Stanley Cup

In addition to well noted scientists, politicians, doctors, historians, and all-around outstanding citizens, Cornwall can also boast a Stanley Cup Champion: Adam McQuaid.

Andrew Campbell McEachern MC

The following biographical information about AC McEachern was taken from Elizabeth Wilson's book entitled They Served for Canada Cornwall's Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918).  Every veteran deserves special recognition, and I would therefore like to encourage readers to read through the biographies of Cornwall's veterans.  Captain McEachern was awarded special recognition in the form of a Military Cross for his gallantry and bravery in the battle of Vimy Ridge.  This distinguished honor has only been bestowed upon 3,727 Canadians, with 324 first

Winifred MacMillan

Winifred MacMillanMacMillan “Still In Shock” After Named Islander of Year
By Kent Walker

Honorable Ron MacKinley

RonHonorable Ronald William MacKinley was born and raised in the former community of North River.  Minister MacKinley is a descendant of Donald McKinlay, the original settler who arrived in York Point/North River in the early 1800s.   The house on the York Point Road, in which Ron grew up is quite old and still belongs to a member of the

Louis MacDonald

As the Cornwall Island Narratives Program was taking shape and oral history interviews began, the name of one man kept recurring.  “If only Louis MacDonald was still alive… He knew everything there was to know about Cornwall,” was a phrase I heard more than once.  After some inquiry, more and more information about Louis presented itself.   He had written a sort of memoir about his life and the community.  He had also often mentioned his ancestry; the Leonard family that emigrated from Ireland in the early 1800s.  The most invaluable informat

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