Kensington Newspaper References

Kensington Newspaper References

Journal Pioneer 6 November 1958, P.8

Island Narratives Program Publicity

Island Narratives Program Publicity

Advertisements compliments of the County Line Courier

Thanks to Mike and Isabel Smith from the County Line Courier Newspaper for informing the community about our project by running a bi-monthly heritage question series.

[The Courier March 23rd, 2011].

Local Interviews

Local Interviews

Interview with Wally Thompson, Veteran of the Second World War.


Kensington Island Narratives Program Interviews:

[Transcription of Interview with Alan Champion 2011-01-28. Topic: Heritage Homes].

Heritage Homes: Ownership History Report

Kensington Heritage Homes History of Ownership Report

Example  Profile

Shirley Swallow

Property Number: 80416

1 Lowther Street

Joseph Ready Letter

Joseph Ready, a Pilot Officer of Kensington, P.E.I was killed in April of 1941 while flying with a Royal Air Force Squadron based at Detling in Kent, England. He wrote a letter to his sister and brother in light of what appeared to him to be the likelihood of certain death on active service during the Second World War. The letter was received by his family and later printed in Prince Edward Island newspapers and several magazines.

Operation Teapot

In the spring of 1955, nuclear test explosions were conducted in a Nevada, Las Vegas desert.

Local Veteran Interview

Many Veterans are reluctant to speak of their traumatic and difficult experiences of their involvement in the war. To bring up such painful memories from over 50 years ago is understandably a difficult thing to do. One local Veteran of Kensington, Wally Thompson was an exception to this and provided a few cheerful memories of his time spent overseas during the Second World War. Wally joined the Army in Beach Grove Prince Edward Island and was only there 2 weeks before they sent the draft overseas, where he would later do his basic training.

Battle of Kapyong

April 22nd, 2011 marked the 60th anniversary of the Kapyong Battle which took place during the Korean War. The Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry made a memorable defense position against the Chinese attack along the Kapyong River, near Hill 677 along the route to Seoul.

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