The Myricks Continued

     Mary Converse Myrick (Mae) was born in the year 1862 and she was the third child of James and Mary. Mary loved to travel and she expressed this through her talent of writing and sketching. Mary had a strong faith that gave her the strength to deal with her fatal illness that eventually claimed her life. Toward the end she was often bedridden due to an accident that brought on many severe migraines. Even during her last few months Mary was described as kind, spiritual and a true inspiration to those around her. She passed away peacefull in 1898.

The Myricks


The Tignish Medical Centre

     The Tignish Medical Centre offers numerous health related services including; dental, medical and pharmaceutical services. Gerald Handrahan was the individual that helped create this idea and make it what it is today. He originally formed a medical committee in order to purchase the home of Dr. J.A. Johnston, in order to create the home and office of Dr. Stephen Dubicanac in 1948.

The Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd.

     The Tignish Fisheries began in 1924 by 36 individual fisherman and one local lawyer by the name of Chester McCarthy. The Fisheries was formed because mainland buyers were paying $0.15 for lobster but local fishermen were only getting $0.05. The fishermen realized that they had no hope of ever paying off their debts at this rate. Chester McCarthy brought the fishermen together in a joint stock company that worked by giving it's members buying and selling power that exceeded all other options.

The Tignish Co-op

     The Tignish Co-op first began with the help of the Tignish Fishermen's Union in 1937 when they sponsered a buying club. Management was given to Gerald Handrahan. The buying club was used to prepare bulk orders of such things as flour, molasses, and sugar; enabling members to save money.

The Tignish Credit Union

     The Tignish Credit Union was first created when The Tignish Fisheries Co-op sponsored their formation in 1937. This was done by the people because very few men could get a loan when needed back in those days. The Tignish Credit Union and it's methods were an instant hit. 30-40 people joined directly after the bank was formed. Members continued to grow; the next year there were 75 members, 181 members by 1939, and by 1980 there were an astounding 4,004 members!

Elephant Rock


      The natural wonder known as "Elephant Rock" was truly a magnificent site to see. Elephant rock was caused by the constant weather and waves hitting the rocks just off of the North Cape shore. This constant erosion formed what looked like a elephant out of the large rocks.

North Cape Lighthouse


      The North Cape Lighthouse is a true historical icon here in the community of Tignish; as it is located just 12km north of here. The following is a historical time line that states the major events of this master peice:

Current Day Tignish Heritage Inn

     The current day Tignish Heritage Inn won the 1994 Architectual Preservation Award from the Board of Directors of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation. The Tignish Heritage Inn is truly a thing of beauty; the same beauty that could be found at the convent years ago.

The Convent/Tignish Heritage Inn

     The wonders of the current day Tignish Heritage Inn all began in the mid 1860's when pashioners requested to Bishop Peter MacIntyre that more additions to the educational system were needed for the good of the community. A promise was then made that a convent would be built, and that the students would be taught by some of the most respected sisters around. A short two years later the convent was completed and a letter was wrote to the sisters asking them to come to Tignish.

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