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Dr. Gus MacDonald

Dr. Gus MacDonald

Souris Timeline

Souris Timeline


A plague of mice devastates crops. This is the first of a dozen outbreaks that will be recorded over the next 90 years, though it is not known exactly when the harbour here is dubbed Souris or "mouse" by a French vessel encountering the aftermath of such an outbreak.


Rollo Bay school hires Louise Seniat, the first Acadian French speaking teacher. The school remained in operation until 1834 as a french school.

John Knight

John Knight was the grandson of Joshua Knight, a United Empire Loyalist who settled on the Saint John River in New Brunswick in 1783. John was the youngest of 12 children. Almost nothing is known about John Knight before his arrival in Souris from Halifax in 1835 to manage the business of Shattuck and McKay.

Souris- Heritage Homes


Many books have been published telling the story of the development of the lands where the Souris River flows into Colville Bay. Travelling around the town there are many old and interesting buildings that form a community with many stories. With our sandy beaches, heritage homes, and beautiful landscaping Souris is a quiet and unique community.

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