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“Welcome to the Community of O’LEARY.  Home of the P.E.I. Potato Museum, Home of the P.E.I. Potato Blossom Festival.”   When one entered the community in 2006, this was the sign that greeted them.  

Stacy Smallman


Tracking down Stacy Smallman was a lot easier than I thought it would be.   All I had to do was "google" him, and find a contact email within my first hit.   Within half an hour of emailing him, we were talking via email.   

The NHL All Star and the Bozo


The NHL All Star and the Bozo


The Philadelphia Flyers are a professional hockey team.  They came to the National Hockey League in 1967, and were the first non-original six team to win the Stanley Cup.  They did so in 1974, and again in 1975.  They have not won this trophy since, although they have come close to winning the Stanley Cup again in recent years. This year, they are holding the second best all time point’s average at .578 only trailing the Montreal Canadians at .590.

Key Figures in Development of O'leary Hockey


You could literally sit down for days on end and create a list of names.  There have been so many people in the community of O'Leary that have had a huge impact on hockey.  Joanne Wallace, Warren Ellis, Dr. Dewar, James Smallman, Richard Livingston, Allan Shaw, Orville Willis, Dewy Cooke, Pat O'Brien, Stuart Gilcash, Dean Getson, Thelma Sweet, Barry Cooke, Eric Philips, Howards Cove Seafood, Alton Ellis, one could go on and on.  

Key Contributors

This project could not have been possible if it werent for people like the folk's in O'leary.  

Notable Hockey Players

Section to put people like Stacy Smallman, Darcy Harris, Barry Cooke (11 Goal), Glen Rogerson (50's), James Smallman (60, 70), Legend of Sylvain Mayer, Elton Ellis, Jordan Costello, Morgan ellis

Dave Shellington , Al Phelan, Scott McCabe, Todd McCabe, Randy Muttart all played in 90/91 (Move to Maroons page?)

Darcy Harris

Billy MacKendrick


There have been a few great helping hands on the duration of this project, but there is no way possible to thank each one of them.  It is safe though to start off with one of the community members who have been an immense help; Billy MacKendrick.  Billy has been a steady presence in the office and an immense help since day one of this project.  He even took part in the interviews when the team was constructed.  We immediately bonded over hockey, and our love of the sport.  

A Timeline of History

Where did it all begin?  What initiated the immense passion for Hockey in O'leary?  What kicked off our little endeavour? Lets take a look;


Pre 1900 We can find information leading back to the 1890's.  This is when the first couple of hockey clubs formed on the Island.  Charlettown and Summerside both gained their own respective teams.  However nothing came to West Prince until 1912.  


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