According to statistics Canada4., in 2006 lot 64 had a population of 931 people, occupying 375 homes. The population is still declining slowly, and the vast majority of the people who live here come from families who’ve been in Canada for 3 generations or more.

Although it’s the most common occupation in the area, only one third of employed residents work in primary industries like fishing and farming. Many residents also work in trades and equipment operation, business, manufacturing, and sales and services.

Lot 64 is still full of vibrant little communities. The area is home to the 70 mile yard sale, the Northumberland Fisheries Festival, great local library programs, Railhead Park, nature trails, a winter community school, a thriving drama club, and beautiful natural areas to explore (it's a great place to kayak!). It also has many businesses, some new and some old, including two wineries, a bookstore, restaurants, general stores, a grocery store, sightseeing tours and a sawmill (in the same area where the first sawmill in lot 64 was opened). It's a tight-knit, supportive community- and hopefully that will never change.  




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