School Consolidation

School consolidation swept through PEI in the 1960’s and 70’s, and lot 64 was one of the first areas to experience the transformation. Consolidation was a radical change from community based schooling; small local schoolhouses all over the countryside were gradually replaced by large, centralized schools. In lot 64, older students were the first to be sent to larger schools. Montague Regional High School was built in 1961, and was the first Regional High school to be built in PEI.1. It was over a decade before the local elementary schools were consolidated; In 1972, students from the one (or two!) room schoolhouses of White Sands, Little Sands, Murray Harbour and Murray River started attending Southern Kings Consolidated School, along with students from Murray Harbour North, Peters Road, Sturgeon, and many other communities.2. Rather than walk to school, the vast majority were now taken to school by buses; and rather than being in one or two classes of all ages, students were now divided into grades.










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