Honorable Ron MacKinley

RonHonorable Ronald William MacKinley was born and raised in the former community of North River.  Minister MacKinley is a descendant of Donald McKinlay, the original settler who arrived in York Point/North River in the early 1800s.   The house on the York Point Road, in which Ron grew up is quite old and still belongs to a member of the MacKinley family. 

Ron attended the York Point School then continued on to Charlottetown Rural.  Even in his youth, Ron was involved in many different activities.  During his childhood, Ron could be found at Roy Bruce’s blacksmith shop in North River.  He would earn fifty cents an hour by sweeping around the shop.  After his chores were completed, Roy allowed him to use the welder.   As a young boy, Ron also worked at the North River rink scraping the ice.  When he was a bit older he also sold tickets at the rink.  He was involved with 4-H, which was where he also learned the art of public speaking.  His involvement with politics began when he was about sixteen years of age.  It began with the young liberals.  One day while at a local business with some friends, Ron was approached by a man who asked them to pass out Liberal pins.  Later that evening Ron and his friends attended a PC youth dance at Holiday Haven and passed out the pins!16

Representing District 16, Cornwall-Meadowbank, Ron was first elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly in the 1985 by-election.  He has won every election since.  In 2000, he became leader of the Opposition, and since that time has held several portfolios.  To learn more about Ron’s political appointments, please click here.  This past fall, Honorable MacKinley claimed his ninth victory in the October 3, 2011 provincial election, and has since been appointed Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development.17

Ron married Ann (Clarkin) of Emyvale.  The couple live on their farm in Cornwall and have three children; Joanne, Jamie and Jeff, and five grandchildren.  Both Ron and Ann are very active in the community and are always willing to help a neighbor.  Having more political experience than most politicians on Prince Edward Island, Ron continues to represent and assist the people of his community in any way he can.

Photo courtesy of Ann MacKinley

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