NewPort Ferry

Newport Ferry

Courtesy of the Sigsworth family of Newport the following information has been noted from
the account books and logs of William J. Sigsworth, Newport, P.E.I. According to these books Capt. William Sigsworth served on the S.S. St. George from 1918 until it was replaced by the S.S. Newport in 1928 and continued as Master on the Newport until 1948.

Fares collected SS St. George in 1918 - $341.

Oct. 10, 1928 - dredge working today

Dec. 15, 1928 - no ferry running today Capt and engineer in Georgetown taking new ferry boat out on trial trip.

Dec. 17, 1928 - new boat arrived at Newport today.

Dec. 18, 1928 - running new boat.

January 2, 1929 - Capt. Fitzgerald took St. George to Georgetown.

1930 - Began runing April 21

1931 - Crew: William Sigsworth, Master; John Boudreault, Louis Campbell

1932 - April 11 hauled boat into dock ice, not fit to cross

1933 - Malcolm Martel running motor boat on ferry

1935 - Crew: William Sigsworth, Master; Joseph McCormack deck hand; John Boudreault, Engineer; John F. Steele, mate

1936 - Myself, Mother and wife listened to H.M the King make his first broadcast over radio to the Empire. Mother 90 years old on Feb 18, 1936

1936 - Crew: William Sigsworth, Master; Peter McCormack, mate; Daniel Skinner, cook: Louis Campbell, sailor; John Boudreault, chief engineer

1937 - Angus D. McDonald collected 1.65 on motor boat while Newport was on Marine Slip

1938 - Mate Peter McCormack and Daniel Skinner discharged

1939 - Jan. 4 A.A. Johnston buried today

April 3 funeral for Mrs. R.J. Steele

April 6 funeral for A.B. Walker

April 20, 1940 - made first trip, 6 passengers 3 teams

April 21, 1940 - Sunday, heavy breeze, 4 foot passengers

April 22, 1940 - Gail N E with snow storm did not cross - So ends this day

June 18, 1940 - This day begins with strong s.w. wind did not consider weather fit to sail Crew consists of William J. Sigsworth, Master; Edmond Lanteigne, Mate; John Boudreault, Engineer; Alfred Walker, Deck Hand. Left Newport at 3:08 p.m. for Pictou. Wind W w moderating 6:30 Cape Bear abeam wind south and increasing, very rough, decided not wise to carry on so turned back, had to stop engine for 30 min. due to water courses being choked. Arrived at Newport 9:45.

June 19, 1940 - repairs to the pump

June 21, 1940 - 12:45 p.m. left Newport for Pictou. Had good run arriving 7"10 p.m.

June 26, 1940 - got on slip scraping and cleaning ship’s bottom and top sides. Caulkers, carpenters and machinists working, unshipped both propellers, shafts and bearings taken to shop.

July 10, 1940 - sailed for Newport, passed Pictou light at 3:55 a.m. passed Cape Bear buoy at 7:55 a.m., Panmure Island at 9:30, arrived at Newport at 10:20 a.m.

January 12, 1941 - have been running in a track in the ice for several days till this morning, ice all broken up and piled against the wharf on Georgetown side.

January 20, 1941 - Fr. Joseph fay died last night in Edmonton, Alberta

January 21, 1941 - broke ice in dock in preparation for winter

January 28, 1941 - horses crossing between wharves today 9" of ice.

January 31, 1941 - placed boat in winter quarters

February 1941 - dismantling engine

March 1941 - Tom Sloane, Wilfred Victor working putting in port lights

April 1941 - carpenters working in engine room

April 16, 1941 - made first trip at 9:30 a.m.

April 23, 1941 - first car crossed

June 1941 - Crew: William Sigsworth, Master; Peter McCormack, Mate; John Boudreault, Engineer; Alfred Walker, Deck hand Angus D. McDonald, motor boat

June 1942 - Crew: William Sigsworth, Master; Peter McCormack, Mate; John Boudreault, Engineer; Alfred Walker, Deck hand.

February - 1943 Skipper went to Ch’town, on returning found my wife sick and she gradually grew worse until March 18 she passed away in Charlottetown Hospital - William J. Sigsworth

June 1943 - John Murphy began painting all upper works on Ferry.

June 11, 1943 - Boat laid up in preparation to going to Marine Slip Master, William Sigsworth; Mate, Peter McCormack; Deck hand, Alfred Walker; Engineer, John Boudreault and Angus D. Mcdonald running motor boat.

August 1943 - Arrived at Newport with MV Montague from Pictou. Handed her over to Capt. Larson who at once sailed for Geortetown

1944 - William Sigsworth, master; Peter McCormack, Mate; John Boudreault, Engineer; Wilfred Victor, Deck hand

1945 - William Sigsworth, Master; Peter McCormack, Mate; John Boudreault, Engineer; Wilfred Victor, Deck hand

1946 - Joseph Campbell came to work as deck hand

1948 - Crew: William J. Sigsworth, John Boudreault, Joseph N. Campbell Longest serving crew members William J. Sigsworth and John Boudreault having served from 1918 to 1948

Others who worked on the ferry :

Louis Campbell 1929-1931 and in 1936

Joseph McCormack 1931 to 1936

John F. Steele 1935

Alfred Walker 1937-1944

Edmond Lanteigne 1940

Peter MacCormack 1941-1948?

Wilfred Victor 1944-1946

Joseph N. Campbell 1946-1948


Captain Sigsworths log entries -

This day begins................


And so this day ends


Newport 11 crossed the Cardigan River between Newport and Morrisson’s Beach. These piers were called North Cardigan wharf and South Cardigan wharf at one time.

Above: The NewPort Ferry

Above: a map of the crossing for the NewPort Ferry


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