Cornwall War Memorial

Cornwall War Memorial

Shortly after the end of the First World War, a committee was formed in Cornwall in order to organize a way to honor those Cornwall residents who died in the Great War.  The ceremony of commemoration began in Cornwall in 1920 and has the distinction of being the first community in Canada to honor those who died at war.1  Interestingly, in Cornwall the commemoration services were always held in September.  As Cornwall was a farming community, services would be scheduled on a day of rest and at a time when the crops did not need to be harvested and the roads were still in good condition.2

War Monument

Photo Courtesy of Alice Wilson

Along with the original monument was a piece of artillery; believed to be a German Howitzer.3  The monument was and still is located at the end of the Cornwall road, only meters away from the TransCanada Highway.  A number of residents remember the original gun, but are unsure as to what happened to it.  Some residents remember going to sit or play on the old gun, (which was deactivated).  A second monument was placed at the site after WWII.  The artillery piece was eventually removed and today the memorial site consists of two monuments and the Canadian flag.  The two monuments list the names of the fallen in both World Wars who hailed from Cornwall and surrounding areas.

Remembrance ceremony

 2011 Remembrance Day Ceremony in Cornwall

WWI Monument: (transcribed directly from the monument)
Pte. Robert White, Cornwall, Killed in Action, Oct. 30, 1917
Pte. Ethan C. White, Cornwall, Died of Wounds, June 14, 1918
(Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends)

Pte. Daniel McPhee, New Haven, Killed in Action, Aug. 24, 1918
Pte. Andrew Gass, New Haven, Killed in Action, Sept. 2, 1918

Pte. Victor J. McDonald, Cornwall Died from Effects of Gas Jan. 8, 1920
Pte. Damien Leonard, Cornwall, Died on Military Service, Dec. 16, 1918

Pte George E. Yeo, Kingston, Died of Wounds, Nov. 20, 1917
Pte. Horace Gardiner, Killed in Action, Sept, 27, 1918

WWII Monument:
Dedicated to the glory of God and in honor of our men who gave their lives in World War II
GNR. John White Bell Killed in Action in Italy October 3, 1944, Age 21
F/SGT. Ronald H. Butler Killed in Action Over Germany October 22, 1943, Age 24
F/SGT. Terris H. Miller Killed in Action Over Belgium August 17, 1942, Age 23
Pte. William E. Stone Killed in Action in Holland October 10, 1944, Age 25

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