WWII Address

The following address comes from the scrapbook of Marie Sanderson.  It appeared in one of the Island newspapers during the time of the Second World War.

Address and Presentation

Private Alex Skinner
Private Hector Scott

The members of Cornwall – York Point Women’s Institute were prompted to do you boys honour upon learning that you are soon to depart to serve our King and country in one of History’s greatest crusades against oppression and tyranny.
Therefore while it is with pardonable pride that we recognize your service we are not unmindful of your sacrifice by going forth from your homes and friends and the putting aside of your personal ambitions and your hopes in order to serve so that we who must remain shall not be deprived of freedom, justice and the opportunities to build a better world in an orderly manner.
Also we would assure you of our admiration for and our confidence in your characters, hence when temptation come to you (and it come to us all).  When you are herartsick and discouraged recall to memory those who love and believe in you.  This will help strengthen you for life’s ordeal, until you permanently return which time we hope will be in the near future.
In closing we would ask you to accept these small gifts as constant reminders of us and as a token of our esteem for you.
So farewell to the pride of our country
As forward to service you go.
But God in His infiniate mercy will keep you and guard you we know.
Signed on behalf of Cornwall-York Point Institute.
Dorothy MacDonald
Margaret Gass.

Hector and Alex in their own pleasing manners thanks all for their lovely gifts.

Hector and Alex: -
We your friends of Cornwall and vicinity have gathered here tonight to wish you God speed as you again leave our community.  We all have been very glad to welcome you home again for a short time and are sorry you are not remaining here permanently, but we are proud that you have offered your services to your King and Country and to the cause of freedom.
As you take up your further duties our best wishes go with you.  You have always been appreciated in this community for your straight forwardness, honesty and example, and we hope as you continue your service you will be blessed with health, happiness and success.
We ask you to accept these small gifts as a token of our esteem and friendship.
Signed on behalf of those present.

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