Veterans of WWI (D-J)

Private Arthur William Drake
Born November 12, 1889
Parents: Samuel and Ellen (Boyle) Drake

Arthur Drake lived in Gauges, B.C. and worked as an engineer when he enlisted. On April 13, 1916, he volunteered with the 62nd Battery 5th O/S Brigade C.F.A. in Victoria, British Columbia. He was 26 years old. His service number was 1260329. Before enlisting, he served with the 5th Regiment C.G.A. Arthur was 5’ 11” tall when he volunteered and had hazel eyes and black hair.
When he returned from the war, he stopped briefly at home in 1919, and then moved back west settling in the Salt Spring Islands. He died in British Columbia in the 1940’s.

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Private Roy Drake
Born January 28, 1888
North River
Parents: Robert Drake

Roy Drake worked as a labourer in British Columbia when he volunteered. He signed his papers on January 7, 1916 at the age of twenty-eight (28). He enlisted in Kamloops, British Columbia. His service number was 687217. Records indicate he volunteered with the 172nd Battalion, C.E.F. He had been active in the 102nd Rocky Mountain Rangers, Militia and was 5’ 8½” tall with brown eyes and brown hair. Roy Drake was wounded while in the service of his country. After the war, Roy settled in British Columbia to live. He returned to Prince Edward Island in the 1940’s and farmed the property where Holiday Haven is located today. Roy never married. He is interred in the East Wiltshire Cemetery.

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Sergeant John Edward Heartz
February 2, 1892 – 1965
Parents: Joseph E. and Margaret (Jenkin) Heartz

John Heartz taught school in Meadowbank before the war. On May 6, 1916, he volunteered with the No. 5 Siege Battery CEF in Charlottetown. He was twenty-four (24) years old and assigned service number 1261388. He had been active in the P.E.I. H.B.C.Y.A. Militia. He was 5’ 7” with blue eyes and light brown hair. Sgt. Heartz served in France and Belgium with the 8th Siege Battery C.G.A. under Colonel Arthur Peake. After the war, John taught at Cornwall School from 1922 – 1927.
John Heartz also served with the Veterans Guard of Canada during the Second World War. He took on the duties of Paymaster at various internment camps across Canada and held the rank of Warrant Officer. Heartz never married. He resided in Cornwall following his retirement. He is interred in the Clyde River Baptist Cemetery.

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Private Victor Balderson Howard
June 19, 1897 – 1993
Parents: Frank and Alice Howard

Victor Howard was a student and living at home with his parents before he enlisted. He volunteered with the 105th Battalion in Charlottetown. He signed up on October 30, 1915 before he turned eighteen (18). His service number was 712106. He was 5’ 10” tall with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. He had two brothers, Hazen and Cyril (who died at age 14) and one sister, Mary. On November 1917, Victor was a member of the No. 2 Platoon A Company 104th Canadian Infantry Battalion. He also served with the 26th Battalion before volunteering to serve in the Canadian Machine Gun Corp in 1918. When Victor returned to Canada after Armistice, he stopped briefly in Cornwall and then moved to Edmonton, Alberta. He worked at the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton.
Victor married twice. His first wife was Annie Colville and his second marriage was to Mildred Hinton. He had four stepchildren with Annie: Hedley (Lawrence), Lloyd, Elizabeth and Harold.

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John Andrew Jewell Jr.
Born December 5, 1895
North River
Parents: John Sr. and Lottie Jewell

John Jewell Jr. worked as a farmer in Cornwall when called up. At the age of twenty-two (22), he joined the “H” Company 1st Depot Battalion (N.S. Regiment). His service number was 3204184. He was 5’ 5½” tall with brown eyes and brown hair. He was part of a large family and his siblings were James, John Jr., William, Robert, Fred, Frank, Gordon, and Daniel.
Following the war, John returned to the Jewell Road where he lived with his wife Ethel (Yeo). He had five children: Florence, Earl (died in infancy) Hilda, Norma and Velda.

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