Pioneer Cemeteries

There are four cemeteries in Cornwall, two of which are pioneer cemeteries.  The two cemeteries which are not pioneer cemeteries are the United Church cemetery located on the United Church grounds at 9 Cornwall Road and the East Wiltshire Baptist Cemetery located on the Kingston Road directly across from the eastern end of the Cornwall Road.  Although the United Church cemetery and the East Wiltshire cemetery are not classified as pioneer cemeteries, they are still historically significant to Cornwall.  The United Church cemetery holds the remains of Cornwall’s earliest European settlers.  While the East Wiltshire Baptist cemetery also holds the same honor, it should be known that Prince Edward Island’s earliest geologist and naturalist, Francis Bain of North River is buried there.  The two pioneer cemeteries in Cornwall are the Newson Cemetery located on the Ferry Road and the Dockendorff cemetery located on the York Point Road.

United Church Cemetery East Wiltshire cemetery
United Church Cemetery East Wiltshire Cemetery


The Newson Pioneer cemetery consists of two stones, but seven people are interred there.  Buried there are William Newson and his wife Sheba, as well as their son Francis Newson, and four unnamed infants.  William and Sheba emigrated from Suffolk, England to Cornwall around the 1830’s.  They acquired thirteen acres of land which stayed in the family until 1998.  Dates of use of the cemetery are approximately 1843-1880.   To learn more about the Newson family and cemetery and their historical significance, please click here


Newson Cemetery

Cemetery Sheba Francis Newson W.A. Newson
The two stones at the Newson Pioneer Cemetery Sleeping In Jesus  Sheba Strowcer, Beloved wife of W.A. Newson, Born in County of Suffock, England Sept. 21, 1801 Died in Ch'town May 23, 1880 In Memory of Francis Newson Born June 15, 1827 Died Feb. 12, 1843. AE. 16 In memory of W.A. Newson, Born in London England April 24, 1796 Died at Cornwall, P.E.I. Dec. 18. 1875. AE. 79



The Dockendorff Pioneer Cemetery consists of five stones, but holds the remains of multiple family members.  The Dockendorffs originated from Germany, but emigrated to York Point from the New England States in the late eighteenth century.  It is believed that William was a United Empire Loyalist and landed at York Point with his sister and her husband Peter Cramer.  The Dockendorff family was one of the first in the area.  Over the years the many generations of Dockendorffs were very active in political and community life.  Dates of use of the cemetery are 1854-1932.  To learn more about the Dockendorff family and cemetery and their historical significance please click here


Dockendorff cemetery Gordon Jacob Dockendorff
Dockendorff Cemetery - York Point Road In Memory of Gordon, son of James & Margaret Dockendorff, Died Feb. 19, 1907, Aged 22 Years. In memory of Jacob Dockendorff Died Dec. 2 1888 AEt. 87  Also his wife Elizabeth Scott Died Apr. 3. 1881 AEt 70
George Dockendorff Charles Dockendorff Benjamin Dockendorff
In Memory of George A. Dockendorff Died July 29, 1892 AEt. 48. In Memory of Charles Dockendorff 1850-1901 And His Son Garfield Dockendorff 1887-1924 Erected by the Family in 1977 In Loving Memory of Benjamin Dockendorff Died Dec. 14, 1907 AET. 62


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