Howard's Transfer

Art Howard

Photo Courtesy of Art Howard

In addition to operating the general store in Cornwall, Hazen Howard also began a trucking business.  He hauled coal and fertilizer to farmers in the spring of the year, and would also haul away their turnips and potatoes to the market in the fall of the year.  Anything that needed to be transported Hazen would do it.  He even hauled pigs to town for slaughter.  Many residents not only from Cornwall, but also surrounding communities have fond memories of hitching a ride in one of Hazen’s or his son Arthur’s trucks.  Residents would hitch a ride into town or to a hockey game.  Meadow Bank resident Lawson Drake recounted a story about his father.  He had hitched a ride to town with Hazen Howard during the fall of 1938.  A sudden snow storm swept through the province and it took two days for them to get back from Charlottetown.8

Arthur later took over and further developed the business, which became known as Howard’s Transfer.  He had built his own truck spot on his family’s land.  It was located where the Cornwall Plaza currently sits.  The first international truck on Prince Edward Island belonged to Howard’s Transfer.  Arthur had about half a dozen trucks when he started off, but that grew to eighteen.  In the beginning Howard’s Transfer traveled mostly within the Island communities.  Arthur would travel to and from Summerside and Tignish, but eventually gained contracts with Perfection Dairy trucking milk to Moncton.  Arthur also built and rented out the service station in front of his trucking stop to Shell Oil.  The gas station stood for many years, but has since been changed into the Cornwall Pizza Delight and Subway restaurants.  Arthur eventually closed the business and sold the land.  The Cornwall Save Easy plaza now occupies the land that was once Howard’s Transfer.9

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