Sunny King Motel

History of the Sunny King Motel, as told by Blois MacPhail

Sunny King

The Sunny King Motel C.1971 - Hanging at Cornwall Town Hall

The Sunny King Motel was built in the mid 1960’s by Blois MacPhail.  A local carpenter and plumber, Blois has built many homes and businesses in the Cornwall area.  Not only did Mr. MacPhail build the motel, he and his wife Edith also operated the business for the first several years it was open.  The Sunny King started as a ten unit motel, and has since been built up to accommodate over sixty units.  The newer section was built behind the original motel.  The pool is also original to the motel. The Sunny King Motel was named after a race horse belonging to Blois.  The MacPhails eventually sold the motel to Clary MacKenzie, who eventually sold it to the current owners.  As an interesting side note, Blois MacPhail also built many of the homes in the centre of the Town.  Many of the houses on Penzie Lynn Drive, Patti Lee Drive, Lacardy Street, John Street, James Street, and Laura Jean Crescent were built by Blois.  Blois also built many houses in Eliot Park and Primrose Park as well as Maggie’s Restaurant and Super 8.

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