R.J. Macdonald & Co.




   Above: R.J. Macdonald                   Above: R.J. Macdonald
              & Co. C. 1930                                    & Co. C. 1960

This general store called R.J’s locally, was
built by James E. Macdonald at the corner of Water St. and Victoria St. in Cardigan in 1902. His previous business was located across the street. James E. had been in business in Cardigan since 1864. These general stores carried a great variety of goods for sale with shipments coming in by vessels in the early days, by train and then with road improvements and access to motorized vehicles by truck. The way of business at that time was by credit and this was a great boon to the people who would not always have ready cash on hand.




James E. Macdonald  



          Above: (Left)                                      Above: (Right)
   John Angus MacDonald                            Andrew Macdonald



John Angus Macdonald, son of Alexander and Matilda Macdonald of Glencoe married Katie Stephens, daughter of Patrick and Mary Stephens of Orwell. He came to Cardigan in 1904 with his young family. John Angus managed R.J. Macdonald & Co. formerly James E. Macdonald’s business. Two of his boys, Regis and James E. went west to establish their homes and two boys Andrew and Gerald stayed in Cardigan.

Andrew was born in Orwell, P.E.I. in 1892 and worked in the family business at R.J.’s until his death in 1957. Gerald was born in Orwell, P.E.I. in 1894. Gerald was manager of the Cardigan Post Office which was located in R.J. Macdonald’s store until 1964. and once the mail was sorted he would work in the store.


         Above:(Left)                        Above: (Right) c. 1955
 Gerald MacDonald at R.J.s        Gerald Macdonald sorting mail


      Gerald Macdonald and son Joe Macdonald with R.J.'s
        store truck which Joe would use to haul groceries
                            from Charlottetown.


                           John S. Macdonald, son
                                     of Andrew


           Employees at R.J. Macdonald & Co. Cardigan

                            John Angus Macdonald

                               Andrew Macdonald

                               Gerald Macdonald

                               John S. Macdonald

                                 Joe Macdonald

                          Andrew Macdonald (Junior)

                               Jean Macdonald

                               Kent Macdonald

                               Ernie Macdonald

                               Clare Macdonald

                              Frank Macdonald

                             Barbara Macdonald

                               Stella Sullivan

                             Donald Macdonald

                              Joan Macdonald


                        Celena( MacIntyre) Walker

                                Adrian Sullivan

                                  Russell Rice

                             George MacIntyre

                                Jimmy Bridges



                                R.J. Macdonald & Co. Oct. 1977


                          Above: Taken from paper unknown
               All of the information on this page was given to us
           courtesy of the Cardigan River Heritage Center which is
                                Located at 4537 Wharf Rd.




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