Rice's Garage

Above: Acorn's Garage in Dougald Morson's old store  c.1935   C.Sadie Acorn






Daniel Acorn and Dan Rice opened this garage in Cardigan in the 1930s. The two Dans had their living quarters in the office section of the building which had been a local store operated by D.C. Morson. Dan Rice later accepted a job in Charlottetown at the Government garage and moved there. Danny Acorn continued to operate the garage. Billie Stevens, Charlie "Art"MacDonald, Dan MacEachern, Norbert Rice, Cecil Rice, Roger Gallant were employees .







Above: Cecil Rice, Dan Acorn

Above: Acorn's Garage                                              c. 1960


On November 1, 1972 the garage became Rice’s Garage when Cecil Rice became the owner. 1984, a new garage was built and in 2005, it is still Rice’s Garage with Francis Rice and Norbert Rice taking care of business. They provide car maintenance, gas and a lunch counter as well as basic grocery items.


Above:Rice's Garage                                                  2009


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