John A. Macdonald & Co.

John A. Macdonald operated a general store on these premises on Wharf Road in Cardigan where James F. Norton was doing business in the early 1900s. He carried on this business of a general store where merchandise of every description was offered to the customers. Of course, much of the business was done on credit which was very risky but that’s the way is was done. These stores around the country carried a lot of people through rough winters and bad crop years.

A warehouse was built in the 1930s with modern machinery (escalators) to carry potatoes from one level to the next and the business of storing and shipping potatoes was then carried on until the late 50s.

John A’s business manager for many years was Peter Murphy and his first and long time book keeper was Winnifred (MacLaren) Vickerson . Edna( MacPhee) MacDonald took over as book keeper in the 1940s and remained until c. 1958. Earl Macdonald and Lee Allan were partners in this business. John A’s son John A. managed the business until his death in 1961. The business is now operated as the Cardigan Lobster Suppers by John A’s grandson, John A. Macdonald.

Employees at John A. Macdonald & Co.

John A. Macdonald
Peter Murphy
Earl Macdonald
L.C. Allan
John A. Macdonald Jr.
Ina Bissett
Alfred MacDonald
Clara Cullen
Bruce Bears
Winnifred (MacLaren)Vickerson
Maie MacLaren
Tina Hume
Mary (John Dan) MacDonald
Kay Campbell
Edna MacPhee
Frankie Murphy
Rita Murphy
Bertha Smith
Gertrude Allan
Muriel Myers
Helen Murphy
Olive MacIntyre
Rose Marie MacLean
John Foley
Bob Allan
Joe Doucette
Al Shepard
Danny Livingstone
Seymour O’Brien
Camille Lanteigne
Leonard MacIntyre
Aeneas MacGilliray
Francis Gardiner
Ronnie MacDonald
Eldon Burke


Above: John A. Macdonald & Co                    C.1910

Above: John A. Macdonald & Co.                     C.1955

Above: Jock's Lobster Suppers                   C.1980


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