Norman Peters aka The Bearded Skipper

Norman Peters has been fishing in the North Rustico area for around 45 years. Like all of the fishermen on the North side of Prince Edward Island, he fishes for lobster in May and June, and then he also took tourists out deep sea fishing for 35 years in July and August.

When you envision a lobster fisherman, you conjure up a man with a beard, a sailor's hat and some salt covered clothes. Norman realized this years ago, and set out to become a living embodiment of this for tourists to enjoy. He has posed for countless pictures over the years, and even though he doesn't take tourists out on the water anymore, he still likes sharing his stories. He also had a large part in creating the Fisheries Museum which is located at the North Rustico Harbour.

Click here to view a video about the Fisheries Museum.

Click here for a short interview someone did with Norman.

Click here for another short video clip where Norman shows how to bait a lobster trap.


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