Bambrick Family

Name: George Bambrick

DOB: January 29, 1905

DOD: April 1983

Siblings: Francis, Earl, Joseph

Enlistment: November 1941 to 1945

Rank: Private


Name: Francis Bambrick

DOB: 1916

DOD: 1992

Enlisted: 1940

Rank: Sapper


Name: Earl James Bambrick

DOB: May. 11, 1922

DOD: June. 19, 1993

Enlisted: April. 15, 1943

Rank: Private

Discharged: June. 20, 1946


Name: Joseph Bambrick

DOB: 1924

DOD: September. 17, 1973

Enlisted: April, 1943

Rank: Private

Discharged: January 1946


            The Bambrick family had four siblings that enlisted and served. The four of them served in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Newfoundland, and the United States. They were all very well known local musicians and loved to play music. One story that I was told was that in small cities and towns the souvenirs they would buy were local instruments such as guitars, and their most popular instrument the fiddle.

            The family has an interesting story involving the four men. The reason for this is the oldest brother George left PEI for the United States at a young age and his younger brothers were all born after he had left. George had enlisted and served in the United States Army. He was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed in December of 1941. After the war ended he came back to visit and met his younger brothers while on a trip.

            Another interesting story was while on sentry duty, outside of passwords, one way to tell someone's nationality was the by the way their boots were laced up. They could tell just by feeling the laces which was kind of neat.   





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