Above: Bob MacLaren    Blacksmith, Cardigan

Blacksmiths made many useful items for a business or for a household. They created cooking utensils, lifters, hinges, door pulls, decorative works of art for the inside and for the exterior decor of the home. Horseshoes, parts of the farm implements and more for the barn area and for a business such as shipbuilding blacksmiths were very much needed.

In Cardigan some of the blacksmiths were George Alley, Robert MacLaren, Simeon MacNeill, Angus Livingstone, Jim Smith, John L. Sullivan, Urban Sullivan.

In Woodville, Duncan MacCormack and Joe Rooney used the forge at the crossroads there.

In Cardross, George MacEachern

In Launching, Dan Yoston

Above: John L. Sullivan's forge and sawmill for Cardigan Shipbuilding Co.

Above: John L. Sullivan     Blacksmith, Cardigan

Above: Urban Sullivan son of John L. Sullivan working in
his forge in Cardigan.

Above: An instrument made by Dan Yoston in his blacksmith shop in Launching.

It was used for lifting covers off old wood stoves.


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