Gerald Handrahan

     Gerald Handrahan was born in the year 1907 in Christopher's Cross on his families farm. Gerald then pursued his education at St. Dunstan's College where is received his BA Degree. Soon after he returned back to the Tignish community.

     Gerald became involved with the Farmer's Institute and Cheese Factory soon after arriving home. He also became involved with the Antigonish Movement for the remainder of his life. From the years 1936-1937 Gerald helped make the creation of the Tignish Credit Union a success and as a result became their first branch manager until the year 1946.

     Next he became involved in the Cooperative Association and managed it until he retired in the year 1973. Even though Gerald was retired he was still actively involved. Gerald Handrahan was a very well known man. He was involved in every cooperative offered in Tignish and he even received an award from the Pope. He passed away in the year 1996 and will be forever missed.

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