Workers on Victory Chimes

Foremen: Kimble Coffin, Charles M. Fitzgerald.

Blacksmiths: Angus Livingstone, Peter Ross.

Blacksmith Helpers: John Jeffrey, Joseph Victor.

Painters: Frank Gotell, Henry Sampson.

Spar maker: John Dunphy.

Riggers: Henry Burke, James Burke, Daniel J. Macdonald, John C. Macdonald, Leeming Peardon.

Woods workers: Daniel McCormack, Peter McCormack, Joseph S. MacDonald, Clement McIntyre, Daniel McIntyre, Patrick Mcintyre, John McLellan, Peter McLellan, John Quinn.

Labourers: Peter Casey, Freeman Campbell, Joseph N. Campbell, George Clarke, Joseph Doucette, Michael J. Flynn, Raymond Grant, Grover Huntley, Wesley Keefe, Francis McAskill, Anthony McLellan, Stephen McNeil, Seymour O’Brien, Daniel Shepherd, Daniel Smith, Patrick Walsh.

Mill Workers: Arthur Barrett, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Charles Hancock, Thomas J. Lewis, James D. McDonald, William D. McEachern, Wallace McIntyre, James McKenzie, John McKenna, Frank McNeill, John Shepherd, Joseph Shepherd, Peter Walsh.

Caulkers: Alex. Campbell, William Haberlin, John A. McKenzie, Malcolm McLeod.

Carpenters: Isaac Adams, Malcolm Burke, Daniel Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, William Edmonds, Alan Grant, Charles Grant, Henry Huntley, Walter C. James, Scobey N. Johnston, Thomas S. Kelly, Abraham Jackman, Peter McAskill, John McCarthy, Gabriel MacDonald, Hugh McDonald, Malcolm McDonald, Michael McDonald, Simon McDonald, Angus McGilvray, Charles McGilivray, Mark McGilivray, Bernard McLean, John d. McMaster, John Ronaghan, Joseph H. Yoston.

These names came from an account book showing all the accounts for labor, construction materials, supplies needed for her maiden voyage, etc.




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