The Willie MacLaren

The Willie MacLaren

The Willie MacLaren, a 560 ton barque was built in 1874 in Cardigan. The master builder was John Le Brocq.The owners were William and Nathaniel MacLaren, of Georgetown. She traded between South America and the old country for ten years. This picture is from Dunkerque, France. She was sold in Australia in 1886. In 1889 she struck a rock off Steeple Rock at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. She was severely damaged and was left with her cargo of coal in 20 ft. of water. It became a favorite spot for divers who salvaged some of the coal.



Wellingtongton Harbour entrance: Photo Taken 7th Feb, 2007. The Willie MacLaren hit 'Steeple Rock' at the harbour entrance (or a rock on that chain you can see). The wreckage lies about half way between the end of Seatoun Wharf (right hand side) and the 'White Lady' light house at top left of photo.


Captain William McLaren c. 1836 - 1913, wife Jessie.
Capt. McLaren's son Willie 1878 - 1941



Below: a story about gathering coal many years after the Willie MacLaren had sunk

Below: is the death notice of Capt. William McLaren


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