The Caspian

The Caspian was a Brigantine that was built by James E. MacDonald in Cardigan in 1890. The Brigantine was registered as being 207 tons that was jointly owned by James E. and James Mustard.

On March 30th, Captain Gordon reported that he left Halifax, Jacksonville, in ballast. Then on April 5th, in the waters of Hatteras the Caspian came to have troubles. It was carrying the Captain Gordon, Six crew men, captains’ wife and child when it went a drift for nine days due to a squall having carried away the spars. The vessel drifted the open ocean with no vessels passing close enough to rescue the passengers.

Then on April 14th, 1899 the steam yacht Sagamore after travelling form the West India waters came across the waters and came in contact with the Caspian. Sagamore delivered all nine people safely back to port.

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The Caspian, owned by James E. Macdonald.
The captain and his wife and child and crew rescued by the yacht Sagamore after drifting for 9 days.

New York, April 18--------------- The steam yacht Sagamore arrived here this morning after the cruise in the West Indian waters on April 14th. When 70 miles north of Bermuda, the Sagamore fell in with the dismasted brig Caspian, of Charlottetown, Captain Gordon, from Halifax for Jacksonville. They launched the yacht's cutter and rescued Captain Gordon, the crew of six men, and the captain's wife and child, nine persons all told and brought them to this port.

Captain Gordon reports having sailed from Halifax on March 30th for Jacksonville, in ballast. All went well until April 5th off Hatteras, when the vessel was struck by a cyclonic squall from the Northward which carried away the spars at the deck, leaving the vessel a complete wreck.

The vessel was in a helpless condition, and for the nine days drifted about the ocean. No vessels passed close enough to be hailed until April 14th when the Sagamore appeared and made the rescue. The owner of the Caspian is James E. Macdonald of Cardigan. She was valued at about $6000. The Caspian was built at Cardigan in 1890 and was about 300 tons register.
The Examiner, Tuesday, April 18th, 1899.

The Examiner, Thursday, August 17th 1899.
The Brudenell lost. ---------- A cable from Arroya, (P.R. Puerto Rico ???) Announces that the schooner Brudenell, Captain King, loading molasses there for Halifax had been driven ashore in the big tornado and is a total loss. The Brudenell was about half loaded at the time. The vessel was owned by Hon. D. Gordon of Georgetown.


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