The Anna MacDonald

The Anna MacDonald was a three Masted Schooner that was built in Cardigan by the owner John A.MacDonald and shipwright Duncan MacLaren who both resided in Cardigan. It was the last ship built after the Second World War. It was launched on October 1920 from Cardigan and ventured out into the world for many years before meeting its untimely fate.

In August 26th, 1924 the crew was headed for Halifax with a load of coal when it came across a terrible hurricane that swept across the water from Yarmouth to Sydney in Nova Scotia. That hurricane claimed many lives including the lives of the crew of the Anna MacDonald. Environment Canada still has the posting on their website as of today describing the hurricane:

The crew of six men onboard the schooner Anna MacDonald were lost as the schooner was smashed on the rocks at Kitty Witty Shoals south of Halifax, one mile off India Point . The schooner Anna MacDonald, which was a total loss, cost $37,000.

On August 16, 1924 a category four hurricane developed near the Lesser Antilles. It entered western Maritime waters on August 26th at 167 km/h (90 knots) and made landfall August 27th in Nova Scotia as a category 2 hurricane at 158 km/h (85 knots). 26 men were lost when their schooners were wrecked at sea, and one man was lost and 52 people were injured on an ocean liner that was caught in the storm. Eight others were injured onboard another liner. There were many ships wrecked and fishing property damaged. Power was lost and damage was experienced to crops. The hurricane dissipated on August 28th.

A search was conducted for the crew of The Anna MacDonald with no findings of the captain Miller and crew of five men. The people of the village had gathered and assembled parts of the Anna MacDonald to distinguish the name. People had hoped that the crew had abandoned the schooner and made their way to the coast. However there was never a trace of the crew.

Written by: Crystal Callaghan from information located on Environment Canada website, and the book Highlights of Cardigan


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