Ship List

This List of ships launched on the Cardigan river has been compiled using the Registry search at the Public Archives and Registration Office (PARO), newspaper accounts and the ship list prepared by Sister Frances Murphy as part of a history paper for Fr. Bolger at U.P.E.I. in 1973.

In the early years, 1820 - 1840, of shipbuilding here in Cardigan, the address of the building place is given as Three Rivers. This could mean almost any spot along the Cardigan, Brudenell or Montague Rivers or around the Bay, such as Georgetown and Launching. It is with great difficulty that the ones actually built in Cardigan are discovered. The newspaper accounts help with this, but one sometimes makes assumptions that may or may not be correct. One assumption made in this list is that the firm of AT & T Owen of Cardigan built mainly for James Peake. So where the list from PARO, in the Three Rivers section, names James Peake as the owner, we have included that ship name on the Cardigan List. If further discovery says this is not so, they will be removed from our list.

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