Samuel James Hingley

Above: Studio Portrait of Samuel with a young girl, possibly his eldest daughter Olivia


Samuel James Hingley, eldest son of Robert and Eleanor Hingley, was born in Riversdale, Nova Scotia. April 19, 1842. When he was a young man he sailed for Boston. After working there a while he enlisted in the 3rd Regiment Infantry, New Hampshire Volunteers, Co. to fight against the Southern Confederacy. He was severely wounded in his first engagement and when he recovered, returned home. After spending two terms at the Normal College in Truro, Nova Scotia, he enlisted in the teaching profession and taught in Guysborough County until 1872. In that year he went to sea and remained a Sea Captain until 1892. Samuel then became a farmer and also a mailman until he retired in 1908. He lived in various places in Guysborough and Hants County.


5th June I took charge of sch. Camellia 116 tons owned by James.E. Mcdonald of Cardigan P.E. Island. I sailed in her until the 11th Jan. 1884 when I left her in St.John’s Nfl.

I took a load of produce from Montague, P.E.I. and arrived about a week before Christmas. The owner came by steamer to look after the cargo. When the Cargo was out he got a chance to charter for W. Indians and asked me what I thought of it. I said I thought it was a pretty good business. He then wished to know if I would go in her. I said I could not, as I had notified him that I expected to leave her in St. John’s, and had made arrangements to go home for the winter. He said if I wouldn’t go in her he wouldn’t charter, but offer her for sale. She was accordingly sold.

Following is a brief account of my voyages and experiences in the Camellia. I have lost some of my log books so that I am not able to supply all the dates from memory.


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