James MuckleJohn

James S. MuckleJohn


James Mucklejohn came to this area in 1831. He worked for Owen before taking contracts on his own. With a family of seven sons, he had lots of help in his shipyard. After 24 years on the Island and having built and sold a no. of vessels, James decided to build a brig to voyage around the world. He wanted all his family to go, but one son, John, did not wish to since he was engaged to a Cardigan girl, Cordelia Alley. His father asked him to help them sail out to the harbor but when John asked to be put overboard, the father refused. John immediately jumped overboard and swam to shore. He and Cordelia were marrried that year, 1856 and later in 1862 emigrated to New Zealand settling near the rest of the family.

John Mucklejohn & his wife Cordelia Alley


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