Duncan MacLaren



Duncan MacLaren, son of Archibald and Margaret (Stewart) MacLaren and grandson of Donald and Elizabeth (Stewart) MacLaren who were part of the group called the “Brudenell Pioneers”. They had come from Perthshire, Scotland in 1803 and settled on the Brudenell River.

Duncan was a master shipbuilder, (learning his trade from shipbuilders in Georgetown) and many of the ships built in the Cardigan river were the result of his craftsmanship. For James E. Macdonald of Cardigan he built The Corsican, The Stella, and the James E. For John A. Macdonald of Cardigan he built The Barbara MacDonald and The Anna Macdonald. Duncan built ships in other locations as well as Cardigan – Georgetown P.E.I., and New Glasgow, N.S.

Duncan married Emily Frances Alley in 1874, built a house on the Cardigan River and became very involved in the affairs of the community. They raised four children, Robert, Fred, Dellie and Winnifred. He was active in the Presbyterian church. He and Dr. Allan were great friends sharing many an evening around Duncan’s kitchen stove.


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