Government Appointments

As more setters were becoming established on Prince Edward Island, the local government began to form.  Certain members of the community in good standing were chosen for specific appointments by the government.  Some of these appointments included, Constables & Fence Viewers, Petit Jurors, Road Commissioners, Commissioner of the Peace, Commissioners to Provide Food and Seed, Census Takers, Wharfingers, Justices of the Peace, Enumerators, Tax Collectors.  Some of these appointments may be unfamiliar, therefore definitions for some are provided below.

Fence Viewer: a local official who administers the fence laws (as by inspection of new fence and settlement of disputes arising from trespass by livestock that have escaped enclosure.56

Petit Jurors: were people who were appointed to represent their community by sitting as jurors at trials.  Petit Juror attendance at trials was mandatory.57

Commissioners to Provide Food and Seed: a person assigned to distribute seed grain and potatoes to destitute Islanders; to enforce the act which states, “to provide seed and food for certain settlers, and to regulate the distribution thereof and mode of re-payment.”58

Wharfinger: the operator or manager of a commercial wharf59


During the 19th century, the following residents of Lot 32 were assigned the following positions:

Date Fence Viewers Constables
1809 *position not yet created

George Hartz - North River

James Wilson - West River60


William Warren (North River * Malpeque Road)

Dond. McKinnon lt.

William Bearstoe (West River)

William Hyde, jun.61

William Vickerson

Joseph Warren

Donald Shaw


John Gardner (North River & Malpeque Road)

William Warren

William Hyde, sen. (West River & Lot 65)

Duncan MacEwen

Lauchln. McDonald

Donald McKinley

William Hyde, jun.

Alexr. Livingston

Benj. Pollard62


Cristian Boisner (North River & Malpeque Road

Wm. Dockendorff

John Wilson (West River & Dog River)

Duncan Darrach

John McLean, Jun.

John McKinnon

(Laughlin's Son)

Thomas Hyde, Jun.

Donald Shaw63


William Warren, sen. (North River & Malpeque Road)

John Dixon

William Crosby (West River & Dog River)

Hector McNeill

Mal. McKinnon

Wm. Warren, jun.

William H. Hyde

Thomas Bearistoe64


William Warren (North River & Malpeque Road)

Christian Boisner

William Hyde, sen. (West River & Dog River Lot 65)

Arch. S. McDonald

John Shaw

James Warren

Archd. McKinnon

Donald Shaw

Wm. Hyde, Jun.

Alexr. Livingstone65


Christian Boisner (North River)

William Warren

John Hyde (West River & Dog River)

Duncan McEwen

Saml. McEachern

Daniel Kehoe

George Younker

William Cook

John McKie

James Hyde66


Neil McKinnon (North River)

Conrad Younker

Jacob Dockendorff

George Younker67


Nicholas Morsehead (North, West & Dog Rivers)

William Hyde

Duncan McEwen

James Wilson, Jr.

Thomas Bearisto

Duncan McPhee68















































Road Commissioners
1829 – Thomas Todd, No. 29, 30, 31, 32 West of the North River and Lot 6569
1840 – Thomas Tod, Nos. 29, 30, 31, 32 West side of York River and Lot 5670

Commissions of the Peace
1834 – John Small Macdonald, Elliot River for Queen’s County71

Committees to Provide Food and Seed:
1846 & 1847 – William Crosby, Lot 32
                     John Moore, North River72

1848 & 1850 – Owen Curtiss, No. 3273
1871 – Charles Hooper, Lot 3274
1891 – Lot 32 – John Hooper, Milton; Alexander C. Shaw, St. Catherines75
1911 – North River – Wm. J. Howard76

1864 – John McPhee – North River Bridge
          Hector McLean, Sr. – Elliott River77
1867 – Mr. George Warren of York River, to be Wharfinger for Poplar Island Bridge, in the place of Mr. John MacPhee78

Justices of the Peace (Queen’s County)
1864 – Wm. Hyde, Point, Elliott River
  William Crosby, Elliott River
  Jacon Dockendorff, York River (probably means Jacob)
  John MacPhee, York River
  Alexander McKinlay, Lot 3279
1912 – George McDonald, Cornwall, Lot 32.80

Petit Jurors
1820 – John Scott, North River81

Tax Collectors
1880 – Pierce Costello, Cornwall for Lots 31, and 32 and north part of Lot 65.82
1910 – Leigh H. Warren, North River, for Lot 32.83

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