Westwood Primary School

Westwood Primary School was built in 1991.  It is located at 80 Meadow Bank Road, almost on the border of Cornwall and Meadow Bank.  In 1990, a contest was held for students, teachers and parents to submit names for the new school.  Westwood was one of the final three suggestions, and was chosen as the winner by the Unit 3 school board.1  The name Westwood came from geographical features of the area: the school is surrounded by a wooded area and is located west of Charlottetown.2

Several different companies had their hand in its creation.  Westwood was designed by Jones and Manning Architects and was constructed by Williams, Murphy and MacLeod.  The mechanical contract was given to Bevan Brothers while the electrical contract was given to Hansen Electric.3  The school was opened for the 1991-92 school year.  It was built to accommodate 500 students from grades one to three at a cost just shy of $5.5 million.4  It was not long before the school adopted a mascot, a mouse named “Westy.”  To learn more about Westy please click here.  Over the years Westwood created a school song, click here to see the lyrics.  Westwood is one of only two primary schools on Prince Edward Island and offers early French Immersion, as well as many other beneficial programs.5

In 2009 the provincial government made the decision to incorporate full day kindergarten programs into the school system.  This took effect beginning with the 2010-2011 school year.  As part of this decision, the Ghiz Liberal government assigned funds for expansion for certain schools to accommodate the new influx.  $2.4 million was given to Westwood Primary school for the construction of eleven new kindergarten classrooms.6

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