Parish of St. Louis du Nord

Parish of St. Louis Du Nord:

          The Parish of St. Louis Du Nord was the original Acadian Church built in 1751, in what is now known as Scotchfort.  However, like many of the original French churches on the Island it was burned during the expulsion in 1758.  People believe that the church stood close to where the Celtic cross stands today, in the old cemetery in Scotchfort, although there is some argument as to whether that was the exact location of the original church.  It may have stood a mile west of the old French burial grounds between the old rail line and the Hillsborough River, nonetheless it was nearby.[1]  The cemetery itself would be one the oldest on the Island dating back to 1727 during the French regime.

The monument dedicated to the Scottish settlers was originally erected at the cemetery down the road in Glenroy,[2] but was later moved to the current location in Scotchfort.  In this cemetery there is also a white marble cross marking the grave of Captain John MacDonald of Glenaladale, as well as some of his family who have also been buried there.  

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