John Rowell

Name: John Oliver Rowell

D.O.B: January 21, 1892

Parents: Thomas and Jane Rowell

Enlistment: September 2, 1914; Re-enistment September 10, 1940

Rank: Private

Interview Conducted: February 23, 2011 with Bobby Rowell


            John Oliver Rowell of Bangor, Morell was a veteran in both World War One and World War Two. John was born January 21, 1892. John’s parents were Thomas & Jane Rowell, who came from England and were told how beautiful PEI was to live. The details were given to sound a lot more extravagant and wonderful than the truth. To them, it was much rougher here than England.

            John's first enlistment with the Service was at the age of 22. The specific date of enlistment was September 2nd, 1914. Some of the different places he has traveled to while in the service include; East Surrey Regiment, France, Egypt & Salonika. He was discharged from the British Army in 1919 and the Canadian Army 1920.  

            John’s second enlistment came in World War Two, 26 years later, at 48 years of age. The date of enlistment was September 10th, 1940. His unit was the Veterans’ Guard of Canada. John made three trips overseas with prisoners of war. He was discharged November 3rd, 1947. John had served in the Second World War for 4 years and 7 months.

            After leaving the army, John took up farming as a way to make a living. John had 2 boys with his wife Eleanor. Although John grew up in Bangor, PEI, after both wars were over he and his wife eventually moved right into the village of Morell.

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