Louis O'Brien

Name: Louis O'Brien

D.O.B: April 9, 1925

Enlistment: 1941

Rank: Private

Interview Conducted: February 22, 2011 with Junior and Rosella O'Brien

     Louis O’Brien was born April 9, 1925. He went into the war at the young age of 16, and was out at the age of 20. Louis served in the Army with the rank of Private. When he went to war it was his first time off the Island. Like many other Islanders at the time Louis joined because it was an opportunity to make money, which there was very little opportunities to do so in the area, and everyone else was joining.

            After the army he went to the University of McGill, in Montreal. He spent 5 years there going for his degree in Engineering, set up by the Army education program. With three months to go until graduating with his degree in engineering, he got kicked out for fighting, something he had often partaken in and enjoyed doing. Louis did end up finishing; it just took him 5 yrs in total. Sometime after completing his education he had got married. After his university experiences in Quebec, he decided to move to Newfoundland with his wife. In St. Johns, he helped to build the Sinker Lifts, a big project of which he and his family seem proud. He is still living and will be 86 years old in April. He still resides in NFLD today. Unlike most families around this area he was the only member of his family to go to war.

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