Ernie Jay

Name: Ernie Jay

Date of Birth: April.14, 1924

Parents Name’s: John and Jessie (Birt) Jay

Enlisted: 1943

Rank: Seaman

Interview Conducted: March 1, 2011 with Percy Jay


            Ernie was born and raised as one of thirteen siblings in Marie, PEI. He completed his basic training in Charlottetown. He signed up the same day as Art MacDonald, the first WWII Veteran we interviewed. Joining the navy was the first time he left PEI. He served from 1943 until 1947. His service was described as having no break time to eat, or free choices being made anymore. You did what you were told when you were told.

            After the War Ernie stayed in Ontario. Upon moving to Ontario, he took up horseshoeing and continued in that career until he retired. He also married and has one daughter and one son. Ernie currently resides in Ontario and will be 87 in April, 2011.

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