MacDougall Family

Name: Henry MacDougall

D.O.B: June 26, 1921

Parents: Peter and Emma MacDougall

Enlisted: Age 21               

Interview Conducted: March 15, 2011 with Henry MacDougall

               Henry went into the army because he was called to service at age 21. He completed his training with the North Highlanders, NS. After his training in 1943 he went overseas. In 1945 he worked in transport as a driver and mechanic. Henry served in Belgium, Germany, and Holland.  He was discharged in 1946.

                Before joining the Army Henry drove a taxi in Charlottetown, PEI. His parents were Emma and Peter MacDougall. He married his wife Florence. They had 9 children after his service in the army was completed. They moved from Bangor to St. Peter's where he bought a mill, which he managed and worked in for years after leaving the Army.


Name: Roland MacDougall-(Brother to Henry)

Parents: Peter & Emma MacDougall

D.O.B: January 22, 1919.

Rank: Captain

                Roland enlisted at the age of 19 and served in the army with the rank of Captain. He trained with the PEI Highlanders.  He was wounded in France, when he was hit with shrapnel causing him to lose one of his eyes.


Name: William Daniel MacDougall

D.O.B: May. 10, 1923

Parents: Peter & Emma MacDougall

                Like his brothers, William enlisted at the age of 19 and served in the Army. He served overseas in Europe. He happened to be in service at the same time as his other brothers, who were all serving overseas. However, they never served together in the same unit.


Name: Harold MacDougall

Parents: Peter & Emma MacDougall

                Harold was another brother who also served in the Army. He served in Europe as well. Henry met Harold in Holland when they were both serving, not knowing before where each other was.

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