Art MacDonald

Name: Art MacDonald

D.O.B: March 13, 1926

Parents Names:  Charles and Edith MacDonald.

Brothers: Linus, Barney, Ivan. 

Enlisted: 1943

Rank: Seaman

Service Number:  KO776427          

Interview Conducted: March 1, 2011 with Art MacDonald

            Art said he enlisted in the army because all of his friends were doing it, as well as his three brothers, so he lied about his age and got in at age 17. He lost his one drink of rum a day for 10 cents off paycheck a day, when they found out he was underage. Also when caught for being underage, his ship had to take a vote on whether or not he should stay. He said he probably got 85% of the votes in his favor and he stayed! He wanted to stay, and he said if he was young again he would do it again if war ever broke out. Art served in the Navy on the H.M.C.S Port Coldome. He first served in Halifax, then on to St. John, NFLD. Art served overseas in Russia as well as on convoy ships across the Atlantic. Art never obtained any serious injury while in service.

            Art described navy life as not having much rest for himself. There was nowhere to hide; you just had to keep going, no matter what the conditions were. Service meant being out at sea for 26 days at a time, never being back on shore for very long, and never knowing where you would end up. Art docked in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and Holland and enjoyed the taverns in Ireland where they fueled up. He was serving while the Invasion of Normandy was occurring but his ship was not involved.

            Art was discharged from the Navy when the war ended. After this he joined the army for a couple years. After that he became a fisherman. During his time in the Navy he made a lot of good friends. Art currently resides in Morell, PEI.

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