MacAdam Family

Interview Conducted: March 7, 2011 with Billy & Jean O’Hanley (MacAdam)

Name: Reginald MacAdam

D.O.B: June. 30, 1925

D.O.D: June. 8, 2002

Rank: Seaman

            Reg served in the Navy which he joined around age 18 or 19. He was married to Jean Ledwell on August. 31, 1949. They had five children together. After his naval service, Reg resided in Morell, PEI with his family. He joined for the same reason everyone else seemed to join, out of boredom, nothing to do, no other way to make money, everyone was doing it, as well as it was finally a way to get out of the little town of Morell.


Name: Gerald MacAdam

D.O.B: December.6, 1916.

D.O.D: November. 4, 1975

Rank: Seaman

            Gerald served in the Navy. He was a single man and returned to Morell, and resided there after his service in the war. Gerald also joined because there were not any other opportunities for work and pay and because everyone else was doing it. He enlisted around age 23 or 24. Like many others from small rural communities it was his first time off the island.


Name: Carl MacAdam

D.O.B: February 4, 1919.

D.O.D: February 14, 2007.


            Carl served in the Army. He enlisted around age 20 or 21. Again, it was his first time off-Island. He served overseas, as well as in more local areas. He joined because there was nothing else to do at this time for money and work. Again, it was mentioned that everyone was doing it including all of his brothers. He got married to Helen Kelly on Sept.15, 1948. They had two sons together and resided in Morell, PEI after his service in the war.


Name: Francis MacAdam

D.O.B: May 22, 1922

D.O.D: August 31, 2010

Rank: Seaman

            Francis served in the Navy. He enlisted around age 18 or 19. He served overseas, as well as other places in Canada. Again he joined because everyone else was doing it and it was the only way to make any money at that time. Francis returned to Morell, PEI after serving and ended up getting married to Anastasia O'Hanley on July 16, 1947. They ended up having 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls.


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