The Railway

Prince Edward Island had been a Canadian Province for almost 30 years, and the economic crisis that had been caused by bringing the train to PEI had long since passed.  The idea of adding a Murray Harbour branch to the railroad had been brewing for quite a while and at the turn of the century it would finally come to pass. The train would make the area more accessible than it had ever been in its history. 












The commission to build the Murray Harbour branch went to D.R. Morrison, a relative newcomer to the Island construction scene. He was to build a railway bridge over the Hillsborough River and a track that would terminate right in the village of Murray Harbour.2. This meant a lot for town infrastructure, as it would require a roundhouse, housing for the conductor, a coal shed, a freight shed and of course a station . It also meant a lot to local businesses and people, who could now move goods in and out of Charlottetown overland rather than by water, get regular daily mail service, and travel to Charlottetown and back in one day, no longer at the mercy of weather conditions….. at least in theory.   



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